All equipment provided is built to ANKC specifications we provide both Agility Equipment, Obedience Equipment and the new Rally O Equipment. Equipment can be built to any specification. Prices quoted on this website are a guide only, please contact us to place your order we will go over the options and provide you with a quote for your order. We can arrange delivery Australia wide.

Examples of some of our products are shown below for a full list including prices please checkout our products list
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Agility A Frame

Broad Jump

Agility Broad Jump

4 boards
Dog Walk

Agility Dog Walk

See Saw

Agility See Saw

Spread Jump

Agility Spread Hurdle

Weaving Poles

Agility Weaving Poles

Set of 8 AGWP8
Set of 12 AGWP12
Agility Hoop

Agility Hoop

Bar Jump

Obedience Single Bar Jump

Broad Jump

Obedience Broad Jump

Solid Jump Solid Jump

Obedience Solid Jump

UD Sent Articles

UD Scent Descrimination Articles

UD Sent articles Full

Full Set
UD Scent Descrimination Articles


Rally O

With the introduction of Rally O and in particular the higher classes such as Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent we have now added Rally jumps to our stock listing.

The jumps comply with ANKC specifications, are lightweight and durable. All metal components a made of galvanized metal and are powder coated for longevity.

  • The bar jump has 4 stirrups on each upright to aid in efficient and quick height changes.
  • The solid jump has a baseboard of 150 mm, with fill in boards of 50mm, 100mm and 250mm.
  • The broad jump is telescoped to enable ease in storage and comes completes with a scaled strap for easy identification for different jump lengths.

More Information about Rally O products

Rally 0 Bar Jump

Rally O Bar Jump

Rally O Broad Jump

Rally O Broad Jump

4 boards
Rally 0 Bar Jump

Rally O Solid Jump

All enquires welcome, please phone (07) 3208 4247 or 0409 501 845
All equipment made to ANKC specifications
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