Lawrie Knauth has been training and competing with German Shepherd Dogs in obedience and tracking trials since 1975. He has also breed German Shepherd Dogs for a number of years under the Lawtaro Kennel prefix having great success with breeding good working dog stock. Having trained 5 dogs to various stages of Obedience and tracking gaining one Australian Obedience Champion and one Obedience Champion. With another three of dogs bred by him also gaining Australian Obedience champion status.

After starting obedience/tracking judges training in 1980 he was elevated to senior judge status in 1988.

Being a qualified obedience, tracking, endurance and agility judge he has judged in most areas of Queensland, the Northern Territory, various centres in New South Wales and in Singapore.

Lawrie has participated in the training of obedience and tracking judges in Brisbane and Townsville as well as in Singapore. He has compiled a judges training manual for the pre-novice and novice class for the Singapore Kennel Club, as well as being a co--writer of an obedience-training manual for the Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club inc.

He was a founding member of the Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club Inc has held the position of President and chief instructor for a number of years. Having instigated a formal training instructors program for Logan, participants of these programs have been actively sought after by private obedience operators.

Lawrie has also carried out tracking seminars all over Queensland as well as in New South Wales. These seminars have been well attended and many of the participants of these seminars have gone on to attain Tracking Champion status with their dogs.

Lawrie opened up his own obedience, tracking and agility training with his daughter Laura who is also a qualified senior utility judge in 1990's. Training was conducted in the Logan area as well as in Townsville with great success.

Having commenced the manufacture of obedience equipment in the early 1990' s, Lawrie saw the need for the production lightweight but strong agility equipment due to the fact that a large number of agility competitors were female. With this in mind and in consultation with a number of agility competitors a new range of agility equipment was introduced that was easily assembled and moved by almost anyone.

The equipment is both light and strong and if the directions given for the care and maintenance of the equipment is followed then the obstacles last for a considerable time.

All equipment is made to ANKC specifications. However, if obstacles other than those nominated in the ANKC rulebook are required then these may be ordered by special arrangement. Therefore, equipment may be made to individual specifications


All enquires welcome, please phone (07) 3208 4247 or 0409 501 845
All equipment made to ANKC specifications
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